Our Story

The Problem We Want to Solve

60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck in 2023 and lack the cash to purchase essential durable goods like furniture, appliances, or tires.Among this 60%, many do not qualify for traditional credit, even at the highest interest rates allowed by law.

The only options available to them are No Credit Needed purchase options. The most common form is Lease-to-Own or Rent-to-Own, which typically costs 2X to 3X of the cash price when paid over 12 months. ​Several companies dominate this market and make hundreds of millions in profit from the people who can afford the least.  

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We, at Kornerstone believe there is a better way. ​

  • We believe not everyone categorized as 'subprime' by their FICO score is high risk.
  • We believe not every new immigrant who lacks a credit history breaks their promise to pay.​
  • We believe they should be recognized and provided with better options.

A more affordable way to obtain life’s essential items. ​

The Road we Have Taken

Kornerstone was launched in April of 2018 with several like-minded investors. Since then, we have invested an additional $20M, allowing Kornerstone to purchase over $430M of goods from more than 2,000 local retailers in 40 States, and lease these goods to over 300,000 customers. 

As a no credit needed option, we don't require credit history in our approval process. We've found that many customers paid us as promised, some paid us just a fraction of our cost, and unfortunately some didn't pay us at all

The Road Ahead

We will continue to provide innovative and affordable alternatives for the customers who need Kornerstone to obtain essential goods. Customers who prove themselves as Promise Keepers are rewarded with a significantly lower-priced plan. The road ahead is challenging, but it is possible with the right partners, retailers who care for their customers, customers who strive to keep their promises, and dedicated staff.

Everyone's help is needed to make Kornerstone Living a success.

Kornerstone's Impact Since April 2018

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How we are Organized ​

Our profitability is inversely related to affordability and availability of goods and services. Our priorities are Affordability and Availability, followed by Profitability.

Kornerstone is organized as a Limited Profit Company where we set an acceptable profit level for the company based on a minimum required to service our debt, return to our investors, and for the growth of the company.

We are not a Non-Profit -- We are not driven by profit.

Financial Knowledge

We believe the innovative products we offer are only a part of the solution. Kornerstone Living’s bigger mission is to share what we have learned to help our customers make smarter everyday decisions to improve their financial situation. ​

We work with many individual contributors and organizations who share the same passion to inform, educate, and empower families who are often taken advantage of by companies targeting those with limited options or new to our country.​

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