Become an Agent of Change in Your Community

We believe in a world where financial empowerment is accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few. But to break the cycle of high-interest debt and build sustainable financial well-being, we need your help.

This is where you come in as a partner with a passion for making a positive impact. Whether you're an investor seeking an impact beyond monetary returns, a contributor of knowledge, or a retailer who truly cares for your customers and community, we welcome you to become a Kornerstone and amplify our message.

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Redefining Credit Worthiness by Making Low Cost Finance Plans Available to All with No Credit Score Needed

Join Our Community of Changemakers

Investors and Lenders
  • Investors who seek a positive social impact (to help the people who have the least) as part of their return on investment, not just dollars returned.​
  • Lenders who understand that not all families with limited income or low credit scores are High Risk and do not keep their promises. ​
  • Lenders who believe consumers with limited means should have access to lower costs of capital. The Poor should not be paying more than the Rich. 

Invest in Growth

Individuals and organizations who share the same mission to educate, to inform, and to empower the under-served in our community. They contribute information, identify deceptive practices or things to avoid, show how to resolve issues, and provide a network to share our common learning to others. ​

If you share the same mission, we invite you to become Kornerstone Living Partners! ​

Contribute to the Cause
Retailers of Essential Goods

Partner with us to integrate our resources and educational materials into your stores. Co-create initiatives that promote financial literacy, and empower your customers to take control of their finances.

  • Physical stores serving the local community​
  • Customer First Before Sales Practices​
  • Customers for Life Value​
  • Offers the best value in the area​
  • Recognizes the financial burden placed on customers when financing a purchase ​
Join as a Retail Partner
Kornerstone People

We have over hundred people in Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Houston, New York, and Tijuana. ​

They all share the same vision to help provide better options to the customers that can afford the least. 

See stories of why they are part of Kornerstone Living. ​

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Get Involved Today

Join us in our mission to make essential items and services more accessible to all. Get involved today by volunteering, donating time, or spreading the word about our work.

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